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Manufacturer - Ethicon
Title - Vicryl
Size - 2-0
Absorbs - yes
Needle - piercing modified Taper Point 26 mm, 1/2 circle
Thread - purple 75cm
Vicryl is a synthetic suture that is absorbable.
It is widely used for approximating soft tissues and applying ligatures, including ophthalmic operations, for stitching peripheral nerves, as well as in microsurgery for stitching vessels with a diameter less than 2 mm. Synthetic, braided suture with a medium release time to provide high strength sutures when you need them.
Vicryl properties:
braided thread - for good handling properties and reliable knot fixation, a combination of neatly braided monofilaments and a chemically bonded coating of the entire thread is the key to excellent handling properties and smooth passage through fabrics, due to the weaving design, the knot tied at a given force ensures the wound ends are matched ; coated - for non-traumatic passage through fabrics and easy descent of knots, VICRYL thread is made by weaving from fine fibers of glycolic and lactic acid.
The special coating of the Vicryl thread improves its properties and makes them optimal for both the surgeon and the patient;
synthetic thread - minimal tissue reaction; material, resorbable - resorption process by hydrolysis, resorption of coated vicryl usually occurs between the fifty-sixth and the seventieth time;
tensile strength;
color - purple or unpainted; Vicryl thread thickness - varies from 8/0 to 2 (USP), both needle and ligatures are available;
sterilization - with ethylene oxide;
Vicryl monofilament thread - produced in two sizes 9/0 and 10/0, used in eye surgery; needles - a wide range of needles made of a special Etalloy alloy, which provides 40% more resistance to bending compared to conventional surgical steel;
packaging - most vicryl sutures are packaged in a special single sterile relay wrap, which minimizes shape memory effect and allows for quick suture retrieval in the operating room prior to delivery to the surgeon.

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