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Ultrasonic cleaner Titan Ultrasonic 3 liters

277.19 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn

We present to your attention modern and professional equipment for cleaning various parts and their surfaces.
Powerful ultrasound cleans hard-to-reach areas. LED screen and ergonomic controls help you get started quickly.
The new 3 liter ultrasonic cleaner will help you to deal with any contamination without your participation. The process is simple: pour water and detergent into the sink, put the part down and turn on the sink. You will be amazed at how easy the cleaning bath can be to remove dirt!

With the help of a detergent, the bath easily copes with:
● cleaning nozzles or spark plugs;
● with cleaning of printed circuit boards after soldering or during repair;
● with jewelry cleaning during manufacture or cleaning;
● with cleaning of tools for processing wood or cutters, swords, drills, etc .;
● with cleaning and disinfection of medical instruments, clamps, scalpels;
● with cleaning, disinfection of tools and accessories in beauty salons;
● with cleaning the internal surfaces of the heat exchanger.
 If you encounter such difficulties while working, an ultrasonic cleaner is the perfect companion. An ultrasonic cleaner will eliminate unnecessary mechanical cleaning methods and will save time for other processes.

Advantages of an ultrasonic cleaner:
1. The product belongs to the semi-industrial class;
2. Intuitive control with buttons and LED display;
3. Body, handles, lid and basket are made of food grade stainless steel SS304;
4. The sink is lightweight and compact;
5. All control elements are protected from water ingress during operation.

The country of manufacture
3000 ml
220 watt
Sink dimensions
240х135х100 mm
Container dimensions
270х170х210 mm
Ultrasonic cleaning power
120 watt
Heating power
100 watt
Availability of an LCD display
Mode functions
1-30 min
Washer heating temperature
20 - 80 °C
Cleaning frequency
40 kHz
Net weight
4 kg
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