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Ultrasonic cleaner Titan Ultrasonic 22 l

889.47 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn

Cleans parts and cavities by ultrasound, as well as surfaces from various contaminants. The bath creates vibrations with the frequency of the ultrasonic range. Washing UZ consists of a generator and an oscillator. Works as a mixer for liquids and accelerates diffusion processes between media.
The advantages of ultrasonic cleaning are eco technology, hard-to-reach places and no manual work.

The ultrasonic cleaning method is widely used in industries such as

  • Chemical industry - mixing solutions and liquids, accelerating reactions, cleaning wire filters, degassing liquids, etc.
  • Mechanical engineering - washing and cleaning of parts, pipes, wires, etc. before finishing.
  • Electronic industry - washing of printed circuit boards, washing of silicon, quartz plates.
  • Medicine - cleaning of reusable tools, injection molds.
  • Printing house - cleaning of printing rolls.
  • Car service - washing carburetors, injectors, individual parts, assemblies and whole blocks.
  • Repair of office equipment - cleaning of units and parts, washing of printer heads.
  • Jewelry production - jewelry cleaning during production and at home.

The new 22 liter ultrasonic cleaner will help you to deal with any contamination without your participation.

The country of manufacture
22000 ml
220 V
Sink dimensions
550х330х270 mm
Container dimensions
500х300х150 mm
Packing dimensions
550х330х270 mm
Ultrasonic cleaning power
480 watt
Heating power
600 watt
Availability of an LCD display
Mode functions
1-30 min
Washer heating temperature
20 - 80 °C
Cleaning frequency
40 kHz
Net weight
14 kg
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