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​Ultrasonic washing machine T-18A

Model: T-18А
1842.11 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn
1. Automatic drive of the MCU-SWEEP frequency generator, modular design of all car, simple in operation, convenience in service.
2. Digital controlled Dispaly, one button to start degassing, can quickly remove air in water and have powerful ultrasound effect,
3. 20-100 ℃ adjustable heating temperature, 0-100% ultrasonic power adjustable, cleaning time can be adjusted in minutes or hours to meet the cleaning requirements of different products, constant power output, ultrasonic effect is uniform and strong,
4. High Q ultrasonic transducers, high-strength adhesive bond, have higher ultrasonic transmission efficiency and longer service life, tank body welded SUS304 2.0-2.5mm, vibration surface is coated with chrome finish, which protects the environment when the machine has no liquid level protection, ultrasound operation will have an abnormal alarm function
5. Pass 2500V high voltage test, strict production process and aging process, has muted casing / washing basket made of 304 stainless steel, etc. you can also add an automatic basket lifting system.
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