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Hand antiseptic sanitizer disinfector 1.0; 5.0 L SNT-2000C

Model: СНТ-2000С
Volume (l)
8.77 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn
Country producer: Ukraine
Consistency: fluid
  • Antiseptic skin treatment
  • Hygienic disinfection of hands and skin
  • Injection field treatment
  • Surgical hand and skin disinfection
  • For disinfection of various surfaces (plasmass, metal, glass, cardboard, rubber)
SNT-2000C destroys bacteria, viruses and pathogens of fungal infections.
Thanks to glycerin, which is part of the product, the antiseptic softens the skin and has a healing effect.
The tool has a prolonged action for 3 hours.
Composition: ethanol 75%, distilled water 18.5%, hydrogen peroxide 4.7%, glycerol 1.7%, flavor 0.1%
The antiseptic is made according to WHO technology and according to TU U 20.4-43576758-004: 2020. 
The tool has a disinfectant and antibacterial effect.
for antiseptic action on hands and skin and various surfaces
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