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Nasal postoperative sponge swabs

Model: nazal
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The minimum order amount is 500 grn
Used for surgical manipulations in the nasal cavity.
Ideal for use with septoplasty, rhinoplasty, conjectomy and other surgical procedures in the nasal cavity.
Take any form when squeezed, which greatly facilitates their introduction and installation in the nasal cavity.
They are distinguished by a gentle increase in volume, which ensures a gentle and reliable fixation of the tampon in the nasal cavity.
They have a reduced amount of pores, providing a high degree of absorption.
Characteristics of the nasal tampon Merocel:
Anatomical spongy nasal tampons are ideal for use in surgical procedures.
Expand until they fill the entire nasal cavity, providing, at the same time, a gentle and even tamponade.
Sizes of nasal tampon:
Size: length - 10 cm, thickness - 1.5 cm, height - 2.5 cm, with a thread.
In the package 20 pcs.
Before removing the tampon, it must be re-moistened (up to maximum moisture) with a syringe (10 cm3 of sterile water or saline). After moistening, you need to grab the edge of the tampon protruding from the nasal cavity with your fingers or tweezers (if the tampon is equipped with a thread for extraction, then you need to grab the tip of the thread) and carefully remove the entire tampon.
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