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Finger Pulse Oximeter Yimi Life YM101

Model: YL101
20.73 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn
Pulse oximeter is a medical diagnostic device for non-invasive measurement of capillary blood oxygen saturation.

There are many pathologies, the course of which is accompanied by a chronic lack of oxygen in the blood (hypoxia). In this case, the blood oxygen saturation indicator requires constant monitoring.

  • Lack of any discomfort during use, firm clip;
  • Suitable for any age and size of fingers;
  • Saturation level measurement range: 35-99%;
  • Pulse measurement range: 30-250 beats / min;
  • Perfusion index: 0-30%;
  • Recommended operating temperature: 10 - 40 ° C;
  • Battery charge indicator;
  • One button control;
  • Size: 57 x 31 x 31mm;
  • Weight without batteries: 50 g;
  • Powered by 2 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Oximeter
  • Strap
  • Instruction (in English)
  • Packaging

How to use a heart rate monitor oximeter

Very easy to use. But, working with him, you need to remember a few simple rules, the observance of which will allow you to get accurate data:

Before using the pulse oximeter, check the battery level. If the battery level is low, you need to charge it, most models have a charge indicator.
Wait a few seconds, turning on the pulse oximeter, it will complete the self-test, and will be ready to measure;
The sensor should be fixed on the finger so that the fixation is reliable and there is no excessive pressure;
The fingernail of the finger selected for examination must be clean, without varnish - its presence distorts the results.
You have to wait 5 to 15 seconds, and the oximeter will display the saturation and pulse data on the display. The readings are readable and clear, just as in some models with an OLED display, you can choose the format of the displayed information, as well as the position.
In rare cases, a pulse oximeter can be as wrong as any other electronic device. This can be indicated by rapidly changing over a wide range of indicators of saturation and pulse. For example, 96% is suddenly replaced by 82%, which is not physiologically possible. Repeat the measurement according to the points.
In case of doubt about the reliability of the data obtained with a pulse oximeter, the readings can be compared with stationary medical devices in clinics and hospitals.
Yimi Life
The country of manufacture
Displaying heart rate values
Displaying of the histogram
Automatic shutdown
Saturation measurement range
Pulse measurement range
30-250 beats / min
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