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Medical Gas Sockets (VAC)

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The minimum order amount is 100 grn

Medical gas sockets meet the requirements of ISO 7396 (installation, commissioning, operation) and the requirements of the national standard ISO EN 9170-1.

Benefits of medical gas sockets:

  • the possibility of servicing the gas network (outlet) without the need to turn off the gas supply in the system due to the presence of a locking device in the design of the medical gas outlet;
  •  easy installation of a gas outlet;
  • easy cleaning of the medical outlet;
  • quick connection and disconnection of hospital equipment from the gas source;
  • possible options for built-in, overhead medical gas outlet, as well as on-board installation;
  • sockets for the supply of medical gases in accordance with the standards are marked by the type of gas;
  • safety, quality and reliability of every part of the socket for the supply of medical gases is confirmed by tests;
  • gas outlets are shockproof, protected from corrosion and fire;
  • the surface of the gas holes is made of brass, the gaskets do not react with medical gases;
  • external parts of outlets for supplying medical gases are made of polyamide;
  • the inner silicone gaskets of the socket ensure 100% tightness.
The country of manufacture
Working pressure
0.1 ~ 0 MPa
Tube diameter
8 mm
4,5 х 7,5 х 6 (cm)
Світлана 01 July 2021, 21:07
Замовили дану розетка медичних газів у кількості 10 шт. Порадувало що було в наявності. Дякуємо.
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