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Medical glasses

Model: Sigma
4.39 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn
Medical glasses can be used not only in medicine and laboratory research, but also in construction, industry, educational institutions because they protect against mechanical damage and do not get into the eyes with drank, dirt, blood, chemicals and other things.
In the context of the coronavirus and influenza pandemic, medical goggles are a necessary element of personal protection. The mucous eye is also vulnerable to the entry of pathogens.

These medical glasses are large in size and can be worn on top of regular diopter glasses! Visually impaired people will appreciate this bonus. In addition, neither the lenses of ordinary glasses nor goggles will fog up.

Safety glasses medical features:

  • Lenses: Polycarbonate 1st optical class
  • Sheeting: anti-scratch
  • Frame: PVC
  • Bow: PVC
  • Fasteners: elastic that adjusts
  • Ventilation: yes

Advantages of safety glasses:

The glasses will not fog up. They have 4 large indirect ventilation openings (indirect ventilation) for additional resistance to fogging. 99.9% UV protection.
Safety goggles of closed type with indirect ventilation are shockproof, resistant to splashes and splashes of chemical liquids, from dust.
Extra wide facial elastic band for superior comfort.
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