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Detrox sterilization container (bixie)

24.61 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn

3 l - L 35 x D 22 x H 10.5
10 l - L 55 x D 25 x H 14
20 l - L 70 x D 30 x H 18.5
30 l - L 70 x D 35 x H 22

Areas of use
It is used to dilute concentrated substances in the required ratio. Options are available for narrow and wide drum heads.

Product features
A wide range of uses has a large selection of sizes (length, volume, depth, etc.).
The main body has slots for draining the inner chamber.
Easy to clean, preventing the spread of germs.
Manufactured in a robust design regardless of material thickness.
Easy to use with ergonomic lid design.
Maximum protection against chemicals.
"Light lid" for the 3 liter model.
Tap option for 20 and 30 liter models.

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