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Anticeptic Solution for skin and mucous membranes DETRO PW% 10

Model: DETRO PW% 10
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The minimum order amount is 500 grn

It is used for skin and mucosa antisepsis at operations of pre-surgery, precaution for gynecologic and birth treatments, biopsy, injection and blood draw. It is for wound care, burns, pyodermia, mycotic and bacteria infections and super infected dermatosises. It can be also used for first aid in the case of little injuries.


  • Contains 10% povidine iodine.
  • Used in hygienic and surgical hand antisepsis.
  • Compatible with skin.


  • %10 povidone iodine, auxiliary substances
  • Bactericidal, fungucidal, virucidal, tuberculocidal

Prior to using Detro PW %10 solution, the person should be tested for sensitivity to iodine. To do this, a few drops of Detro PW %10 solution are dropped on the skin and this area is kept covered with the solution for 30 minutes.

If any reaction occurs at the end of the period, the use of Detro PW %10 solution for this person is contraindicated. In practice, it must be applied for at least 1 minute without dilution and 5 minutes for the highest indication, since it is produced directly ready to use.

For surgical hand antisepsis; the hands are then rubbed with 5 ml of Dero PW %10 solution for 5 minutes. Preparation of the surgical field; sufficient amount of Detro PW %10 solution is applied to the application area for 5 minutes.

In case of washing of mucosa or wounds, it should be used according to neccesity. At gynecology; vagina and vulva lavage in the form of dilution (1/10 rate) is applied.

At urology; it is performed by lavage dilution (1/10 ratio) in bladder washing. At orthopedic; it is applied diluted (1/20 ratio) in the treatment of osteomotic local infection, without dilution in the preparation of he gypsum site. In thoracici and cardiac surgery, it isapplied as irrigation solution by diluting it in mediastinit tratment (1/10 ratio).

for antiseptics of the skin and mucous membranes before and during operations, for prophylactic purposes for gynecological and obstetric procedures, biopsies, injections and blood sampling.
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