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Antimicrobial surgical film IOBAN ™ 2; 34cm * 35cm, 3M ™

Model: 34*35
11.95 $
The minimum order amount is 100 grn
Cutting operating film from iodine iodine combines the possibility of rapid disinfection of the skin with long-term protection of the wound from skin microorganisms. The operating film is adhered to the patient's dry skin after a minute treatment with alcohol (70%). Antiseptic iodophore is gradually released from the adhesive layer of the film throughout the operation and provides suppression of microflora along with the effect of immobilization of microbes with an adhesive film. Advantages: Ioban incision operating film provides the highest level of aseptic operating field for the entire operation as a result of the combined effect of iodophora and mechanical immobilization of microbes. The contact of tools, gloves and liquids with skin bacteria and their entry into the wound is excluded. Suppression of a wide range of microbes, including S. epidermidis, Staphylococcus aureus, E. Coli Preudomonas aeruginosa. The patient's skin "breathes" through the film, which ensures a tight fit of the operating film during long operations. The film is easily stretched and "remembers" a form that allows it to be fast and fast to fix it on relief and moving parts. Full transparency of the operating film provides a good overview of the operation area. It is easier to fix surgical sheets around the cut area (instead of clamps and sticky tapes). Has antistatic effect. The operating film IММ is hypoallergenic due to the application of 2% iodophora and acrylate adhesive. Recommended fields of application: For all types of surgical operations - covering the area of ​​the surgical incision to increase the level of asepsis.
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