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Bone Wax 2.5g W810

Model: Bone Wax
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Bone Wax surgical wax for stopping bleeding from bone tissue

The surgical wax is a non-absorbable sterile surgical material consisting of the following components:

White (Bleached) bee wax Ph Eur 75% by weight, paraffin wax DAB / BP 15% by weight, isobropyl DAB palmitate 10% by weight. The surgical wax is white and comes in solid form in rectangular packs of 2.5 g.
How to use Bone Wax
Using aseptic methods, you should warm the surgical wax to the desired consistency by softening with your fingers. Then the softened wax is superimposed on the edges of the bone tissue, taking into account the surgical indications and preferences of the surgeon.
Bone Wax Indications
The surgical wax is designed to stop bleeding from dissected, drilled bone tissue or bone fragments by mechanically filling the bone channels containing bleeding capillaries.
Reaction of Bone Wax tissues
The use of surgical wax leads to local hemostasis in bone tissues and creates a mechanical barrier (tamponade). A slight inflammatory reaction was noted in the tissues immediately adjacent to the implantation site.
Bone Wax Contraindications
It is not recommended to use surgical wax in places where rapid regeneration and fusion of bone tissues are desirable.
Warnings and Precautions Bone Wax
It is necessary to use the necessary amount of surgical wax, the surplus is removed from the surgical intervention zone. The surgical wax can be a physical barrier in the process of bone regeneration. A package containing surgical wax should be opened immediately before using the material to minimize the possibility of contamination or excessive drying of the material.
Adverse Reactions
Adverse reactions associated with the use of this material include a minor inflammatory reaction in the tissues adjacent to the implantation site and the slowing of osteogenesis. Like any other foreign body, surgical wax can exacerbate an existing infection.
The surgical wax of Bona Wax is sterilized by irradiation.
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