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​ANGELBISS 5L Flow Oxygen Concentrator

Model: ANGEL-5AD
645.61 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn
1 User manual
1 Oxygen concentrator set
1 Humidifier bottle
1 nasal cannula
1. Before operating your unit always checks :
a. Cut the two cables off which are at bottom of the machine.
b. To be sure the air filter (located on the back of your unit) is clean.
Proper cleaning of this filter is discussed in the Caring for Your
Concentrator section on page 12.
2. Attach the appropriate oxygen accessories to the oxygen outlet.
Rated Flow of Oxygen 1 to 5 LPM
Outlet Pressure 8.5 ± 0.5 psi ( 58.6 kpa )
Electrical Rating 110V, 60 Hz, 2.0A (Max.) 350W
Oxygen Percentage 93%±3%
Operating Environment Range Temperature 5°C to 40°C,
Humidity ≤80%
Atmospheric pressure 12.5 psi~15.4psi (86kPa~106 kPa)
Operating Altitude (tested at 21°C only)
0-2000 M (0-6561 ft)
2000-4000 M (6561-13123 ft)
Across the voltage range:
No degradation of performance
The visible” oxygen “indicator will activate at the following level (do not suitable for model ANGEL-5 and ANGEL-5N) >70%±3% the green “normal oxygen” light will activate;
<70%±3% the yellow “ low oxygen”, and red “service required” light will activate
Pressure Relief Valve 40 psi±5 psi (276 kPa±34.5 kPa)
Weight 16.5 kilograms
Sound Level ( ISO 8359:1996 from front) <47d(A)
BODY Dimensions 580x380x270mm
Operating System Time Cycle / Pressure Swing
Storage Conditions Temperature -20°C to 55°C
Humidity ≤90%
Atmospheric pressure 12.5 psi~15.4psi (86kPa~106 kPa)
Equipment Class and Type The type of protect against electric shock: Class II
The degree of protect against electric shock: TYPE B
The country of manufacture
5 l
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