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​ANGELBISS 10L Double Flow Oxygen Concentrator

Model: ANGEL-10AD
2280.7 $
The minimum order amount is 500 grn
ANGELBISS, The first one to focus on Fluctuation of an oxygen concentrator, the first one CAN control the Fluctuation rate within 0.1%
  • A Touch operate multi-functional units.  10Liter with 93%±3% oxygen purity output for COPD users
  • Oxygen Purity Display by Numbers ( Accuracy 00.0%)
  • Timer
  • Large 6’ LED Light Display all functional data
  • Accumulated total running hours
Special Features Only Provided By AngelBiss Technology
  • The world’s NO. 1 Oxygen Output Purity Fluctuation rate controlled within 0.1%.  Automatic heavy humidity remove molecular sieve
  • Independent Oxygen outlet & nebulizer outlet system
  • Child Lock settings
  • 3 years warranty or 18000hours lifetime

With dual flow oxygen outlet
Double flow meter (each 10liter outcome)
Double humidifier
Two person use at the same time
  • System Map Functions Specifications
  • Oxygen Flow 10L Per Unit
  • Oxygen Concentration 93% ± 3%
  • Oxygen Output Pressure 0.4-0.7bar
  • Oxygen Number Display YES
  • Display Material All by LED lights
  • Operating Panel E- Touch
  • OXYGEN Start to produce Oxygen
  • TIMER "+" and "-" Setting from 0 to 3 hours
  • (15mins increase or decrease)
  • Low Oxygen Alarm Yes
  • Oxygen Pressure Protection Alarm Yes
  • Pressure Faulty Alarm Yes
  • Power off Alarm Yes
  • Compressor Faulty Alarm Yes
  • Overheated Protection Yes
  • Power Consumption 750W
  • Auto Power off by timer YES
  • Screen Sleep Mode YES
  • Noise Level <55dB(A)
  • Machine Body Size 570x400x650mm
  • Import Carton Size 710x460x800mm
  • Net Weight per Unit 43kg
  • Import Gross Weight per Carton 54kg
The country of manufacture
10 l
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