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Privacy policy

When using the services of the online store (hereinafter the Store), the user agrees in accordance with the Political Privacy. The Store chooses the right to make changes to the Privacy Policy at your discretion. The user assumes responsibility for reviewing the updated version of the Privacy Policy in accordance with the rules of membership in the store.
Substantive provisions:

  1.  The store collects information about users that are personal in nature, the protesting user decides to what extent it is provided.
  2.  The store binds does not sell or provide personal data to the user, and then to persons for any deputies, except in cases that may be directly required by law (for example, at the request of the court).
  3.  The store may use users' personal information to access it by making commercial offers, sending news, and other information that may be of interest to users.

Collection of personal information
When using some services of the Store, such as orders for goods, the Store is offered by users who provide certain information about the personal character through the restoration of forms. The decision to cooperate with such services or refuse them is made by the user. If the user wishes to use these services, the Store may ask him to provide personal data, such as name and information, e-mail address, telephone number and other information that identifies users. Depending on the type of service, information about the character must be provided, while other information is provided upon request. If the user does not provide the information necessary to provide the services, such a service cannot be provided.
By providing information and, you agree that this information is stored and distributed in the store.
Use personal information
The store collects information about users who report personal information, helping users who receive this information and information / goods / services. All users who enter their data are displayed only by him and the store administrator.
To maintain confidentiality, a non-affiliated member provides us with information that may contribute to any inconvenience. However, the use of the resources of the Store is not possible without the provision of personal information, which is mandatory.
Use cookies
By improving the website, the online store uses cookies to register (record) user ratings. A cookie is a small file that is transmitted to a browser user through a web server and can only be determined by the server that sent it. Such files cannot be used as an executable program or to implement viruses. When you evaluate the Store, the Administration of the Store automatically becomes available information from the standard server logs (server logs). This includes the IP address of your computer (or proxy server, if used to access the Internet), ISP name, domain name, browser type and operating system, information about the site you moved from. in the Store, on the pages of the Store that you evaluate, the date and time of these visits, the files that you download. We analyze the information in an aggregated (impersonal) form to analyze the probability of the store and use it in the development of proposals for its improvement and development. The relationship between your IP address and your personal information is never disclosed to the next person, unless required by law.
Technical information about the store's assessment (impersonal) can also be collected by installing statistics counters on the website. This type of data cannot be assigned to personally identify users, as its anonymity will be maintained unless it provides information about itself.
Privacy claims
If a user believes that the Store is not performing its communication functions in compliance with this Privacy Policy, they may submit a list of complaints using the communication form.
For the best detailed description, which store, user, message privacy policy. All complaints will be considered in the appropriate words.
If the user does not agree with the Political Privacy of the store, it is not recommended to register in the store.