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What is dangerous flat feet in children

The natural shape of the foot has two arches: longitudinal and transverse. Such a deflection from the middle inner part of the foot. You've probably often noticed that footprints from wet feet or in the sand do not completely beat off the entire foot, but only part of it, without an inner half. Such a trace is correct, that means a person does not suffer from flat feet.

What is the purpose of such a deflection?
For cushioning while walking. It picks up vibratory loads from the spine, knee joints and the entire musculoskeletal system.
Flatfoot is a deformation of the foot when there is no such deflection. As a result, there is no cushioning during walking, running, or any other load.

What is dangerous flat feet:
• Impaired functioning of the hip joints;
• Loads on the spine;
• Excessive load on the knee joints;
• As a result, the appearance of diseases such as scoliosis, arthrosis, leg pain and poor physical endurance.


For a growing child’s body that has not yet formed and is growing, such violations are completely useless.
Doctors up to the age of 5-6 years are not taken to diagnose flat feet, because up to this age the child’s leg is still developing. But still, parents are better off taking care of their child’s health and doing special exercises for their feet, as well as shoes in the right orthopedic shoes.


Where does flat feet in children come from:

  • Due to injury;
  • As a result of certain diseases;
  • Excessive body weight;
  • Heredity
  • Unsuitable shoes;
  • Weakened leg muscles;
  • Lack of physical activity.

The first thing that is necessary for the child’s health in this direction is to move a lot, jump, walk barefoot, walk along the street in special children's orthopedic shoes.

Flatfoot treatment

  • Swimming - perfectly strengthens the muscles of the legs without depreciation load on the musculoskeletal system;
  • Walking barefoot is especially useful on any uneven surfaces in nature;
  • LFK - special exercises for the treatment of flat feet, or its prevention;
  • Massage - if the muscle tone is weakened, the doctor for exercise therapy can prescribe massage, which will significantly accelerate and reinforce the result of treatment.

If you live in a city and you don’t have the opportunity to let your child walk barefoot on natural uneven surfaces, then let the child walk barefoot at home, also bring him pebbles, let him walk along them at home. On the street it is recommended to walk only in orthopedic shoes.

Exciting exercises from the treatment of flat feet for children:

  • Walk on toes and on heels;
  • Walk with your toes tight;
  • Roll a bottle of water with your foot;
  • To raise toys from the floor of the toes;
  • In place, roll from socks to heels;

10 March 2020, 00:03