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What does a newborn need for the winter

Without exception, all expectant mothers who will give birth in autumn, the question is what needs the baby to grow up comfortably in winter.
Consider the features of growing up the baby and the things necessary for him.
When wondering what a newborn needs for the winter, you should start by looking for things that your acquaintances and relatives may already have in stock. But you should think about this early, because after birth you will be catastrophically short of time to search for something necessary in stores or even to choose a profitable purchase on the Internet in debt.

General recommendations for choosing clothes
In the first months, infants grow very rapidly, so do not buy too many clothes of the same size, they may simply not be needed, and the child will grow out of it. In addition, it is important to look at the size of the baby, because it can be either less or more than the proposed standards, for example, on clothes there will be a mark of 2 months, and your child in 2 months. wears clothes 3 months. It is best for delicate children's skin clothing in natural fabrics - cotton, bike, chintz. Seams on linen should be external.
List of things for a newborn in winter
The first thing everyone buys is sliders, preferably with suspenders on the shoulders that fasten with buttons. You can buy 2-3 pcs. 56th size and 2-3 pcs. The 62nd.
Booties. They may also need about 3 pairs of 8-9th size.
Woolen socks. What you just need in winter, you need to wear them on booties, so as not to cause skin irritation.
Non-scratch. Special clothing that covers the handle of the child and eliminates the possibility of scratching yourself. Two of the same size, as long as one in the wash the second should be on the newborn.
Bodice. Convenient underwear for all bodies, wearing a bodik you can wear warmer winter clothes on top. About three to four units, since they will often have to be washed, the child sweats, can burp, or simply leak the diaper.
Overalls. It is advisable to take a warm version with a hood for winter clothes that are worn in a bodik.
For a comfortable sleep of the baby at night, in winter you need to choose slips. Thai version of overalls with buttons along the entire length for easy changing if necessary (change diaper, change clothes).
Regarding the choice of vests, buy up to 4 thin cotton models. You can also purchase the same number of flannel things, moreover, preferring button options.

Relatively warm sweaters - classic knitted sweaters providing warmth and comfort in the winter. They can be taken a little more, because they will dress on a bodik.
On the head as well as for the body, you must first protect the delicate skin with a cap, and then put on a hat. Two caps to buy, but with a hat you can get by with one. And in the spring to buy already in size a little thinner.
For the winter you will need a warm winter jumpsuit, like a down jacket and a jacket for it can be a set.

For the convenience of home
Diapers come in handy at home for laying a changing table and for laying a stroller.
After bathing you will need a large warm towel. You can buy a model with a corner for dressing on the head in the form of a hood. 1-2 pieces will be enough.

Child health:
Doctors will tell you to monitor your child’s weight gain. For ease of exercise you will need baby scales. As well as:

  • First-aid kit for a newborn
  • Aspirator
  • Rounded Scissors
  • Rubber syringe
  • Water thermometer
  • Room thermometer
  • Body temperature thermometer
  • Brush and comb
  • Soother
  • Disposable diapers
  • Baby scales

Additionally for mommy:

  • Bottle sterilizer
  • Baby food warmer
  • Thermos Bottle Bag
  • Breast pump

15 October 2019, 00:10