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Scales for newborns

All parents take care of their baby. About his growth, development, and health. And one of the indicators of a healthy newborn baby is weight gain. The norms of weight gain will always be prompted by a doctor and will recommend young parents to follow this indicator at home. Because every visit to the pediatrician is weighed.
Why weight gain in the newborn is so important. Because in this way it is possible to determine whether the growing organism receives good nutrition, whether it is full of all the vitamins and microelements. Also in this way determine the time when you can or even need to enter supplement.
Conventional scales for weighing a baby are not suitable, because they have a large step of division, and the gap on the error is large, compared with more subtle children's scales. Therefore, in order to accurately determine the weight gain in newborns, you need to use special weights.

Scales for newborns are of two types:


In mechanical scales in the mechanism of the main element is a spring, through which weight is determined. In appearance, they have a pallet on which they put the baby and under it a dial with a scale. The arrow shows the weight on the scale. The measurement error can reach up to 10 g (depending on the manufacturer). To be sure of the instrument readings, it is recommended to check their control weight, or to believe in the metrology center.

Electronic scales in their mechanism have electronic sensors, with the help of which measurements are taken. Electronic scales also have a pallet for weighing, and under it an electronic scoreboard on which the figure is displayed. The advantage of this device is the possibility of stabilization, due to which the results are not distorted, even if the child is constantly spinning. The error of electronic scales is 1-2 g. They, as well as mechanical scales, are subject to metrological calibration.

06 March 2019, 00:03