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Repair and restoration of the ultrasonic sensors

Dear customers, we are pleased present to you the service that will be very useful to you - it repairs ultrasound sensors. Anyway, and any technique has the ability to fail.

We have the necessary tools, the original American and European materials and skilled workers in repair of ultrasound systems, including: (sensors, probes). We carry out repair of ultrasound transducers directly to Ukraine, and not forward them to third-party foreign organizations. This greatly speeds up the process and making it more cost-effective.

Order the repair of ultrasound elements, you get a high quality, nice cost and minimum time of your unoccupied until the sensor will be at us being repaired, because we understand that such equipment is necessary for your business and important to patients.


We specialize in the repair of a variety of ultrasonic sensors, in particular, linear, convex, cardiology, phased, vaginal, rectal, endo, pediatric and other species.
According to our experience, most of the fault must be repaired, and although we guarantee quality work, you, as a customer service, should be aware that the ultrasound transducer repair - only continues his life indefinitely.

Repair of ultrasound sensors, or replacement parts may be subject to virtually all the elements:
1. The acoustic lens - is part of an ultrasonic sensor that directly contacts with the human body in the study, usually gray, blue, orange or black. Usually made of a special plastic, it feels like rubber. This is for creating the ultrasonic beam geometry.
2. Acoustic module - the most important component of an ultrasonic probe that comprises an element (piezo-crystal) which is closed by an acoustic lens.

3. Scanning head (sensor head) - one of the three main parts of the sensor (the other two - the cable and connector). The scanning head consists of a plastic housing and a built-in module has an acoustic and occasionally it embedded in the printed circuit board with electronic components.

4. Flexible cable - connects the element between the scanning head and the connector, which consists of a numerical number of micro-coaxial conductors (280).

5. Connector - metal or plastic connector with contacts to connect with the sensor directly to the ultrasound scanner. Sometimes connector has built-in circuit boards with his electronic elements.

We provide as soon as possible repair and restoration of Convex sensors, linear, phased, endo, rectal, cardiac, electro-mechanical, pencil, abdominal.

All sensors that underwent repairs and restoration, is warranted.

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20 December 2016, 00:12