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Psychological services during a pandemic

The worldwide coronavirus pandemic has affected activities in all professions. Many people, having gone to quarantine or a remote form of activity, were able to abandon their usual social contacts for only a while. But the pandemic dictates its own rules, because due to the availability of demand, online offers were born from specialists that people needed.
Many people needed psychologists before the world quarantine, and after those wishing to use the services of a psychologist, there were much more.
Psychologist services have become popular online in the following areas:
In behavioral and analytical personality psychotherapy;
In family therapy;
Coaching to maximize your potential.
Many people were left at home alone, and although they continued to work or not, the lack of social contacts and the usual way of life affected the psyche of many. Also, many became unbearable to live with the thought that frightening news sounded around. Those people who had a weak psyche during that period received a serious load on their psyche and without noticing it changed in their behavior and outlook on life not for the better. Those who previously practiced going to a psychologist continued to use the services of a psychologist further. Some turned to him for the first time online, realizing that in order to maintain health and former activity and cheerfulness, it is necessary to contact a specialist.
Psychological services in family therapy
Families were faced with the fact that all of its members were together 24 hours a day. For many families, this has become an exam and test of their ability to find a common language. Some families, seeing their own helplessness, began to turn to the services of a psychologist. Thanks to family therapy, many families have been saved and some have reached a new level of relationship much more than that which was before working with a psychologist.
 Psychological services in motivation
Many have found themselves in a situation of frustration and anxiety about their professional activities and business. Personal motivation has become the key to maintaining the same level of professional activity. Those who used the services of a psychologist for professional growth and personal motivation and did not stop doing this were able to resist and withstand psychological pressure.
Online psychologist consultation
Such services became life-saving for many during the period of general quarantine. Who should consult a psychologist online:
1.if you are afraid of personal contact due to the possibility of contracting COVID-19;
2. if general fear and panic affects negatively your professional activity, family, relationships;
3. if you do not have time to waste time on the road to a psychologist;

07 February 2020, 00:02