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Portable ultrasound machines the requirement of modernity

We live in a time when changes in medicine are taking place. Medical reform has led family doctors to work for their reputation. Indeed, it is precisely from the quality of the provision of services to patients that doctors receive either more or less applications for treatment from him.
In order to quickly diagnose the causes of the disease or pain in the patient, in certain cases it is necessary to conduct an ultrasound scan. There are cases when there is nowhere to pull and an ultrasound examination is necessary immediately. “But what about the ambulance, which should take the patient to the hospital and conduct a study?” - you ask. Considering that in our time people are sorely short of time and the fact that an ambulance can get a patient through traffic jams in big cities for about an hour and this is only one way, or from the district center for a long time off-road to get to the patient, the whole procedure will take about days, so sometimes you need to provide assistance right on the spot.
In our time, engineers took into account all the needs of the modern world and taking care of health and understanding the importance of diagnosing diseases in time, invented portable ultrasound scanners of leading brands.
The advantage of portable ultrasound scanners is that they are much cheaper than stationary ones.
There are different types of portable ultrasound scanners:
Portable ultrasound color scanners
Portable black and white ultrasound scanners
Also good news for veterinarians - for your work there are portable ultrasound machines for animals.
The set of devices also includes a sensor, for veterinary - sensors of a special shape and sensitivity.
Scanners are equipped with special software, and function buttons for a full-fledged qualitative study and diagnosis. The image quality in such devices is high-quality and does not require additional processing.
At the moment, there are already a sufficient number of manufacturers: Sonoscape, Toshiba, Samsung, Esaote, Mindray, Hitachi, Philips, Sonoscanner, Kontron Medical, Alpinion, Terason, Chison, Vivid, TELEMED Lithuania, etc.

The advantage of scanners is:

  • compactness
  • mobility
  • the full scope of use is the same as that of stationary
  • ease of management
  • ergonomics
  • ease of transportation

Such a diagnostic apparatus is a modern requirement in medicine, a means for making a diagnosis and improving the quality of medical services.

01 May 2019, 00:05