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Medical reference 079 / u and its features

In children's camps, a large number of children is the norm. In children, immunity is weaker than in adults, so they may suffer faster due to infectious diseases. If a sick schoolchild is among healthy children, then the probability of being infected with various infections is 100%. Therefore, before accepting children, health workers should know the state of health of the child.

To do this, use medical reference 079 / y, which is confirmed by the attending doctor. All students should receive this certificate, regardless of which camp they go to. Fill it with two sides:

Doctor - before sending the child to the camp.
Medical workers of the camp, who will examine the student in detail.
The certificate contains information about:

The name
Permanent Disease Data
Contain past infections
Vaccinations (in accordance with the time of vaccination).
Thanks to this information, workers will establish a separate system of physical exercises, methods for recovery, and a daily regimen. And if unforeseen situations occur, medical assistance will be provided correctly.

At the end, medical workers fill out a certificate which actions were taken (health and preventive). Record in what condition the health of the child and his weight. After that, the certificate is attached to the appropriate medical record.

In the camp, everything is usually arranged by the minute. Every day, teachers reveal their abilities and talents in children. So the child is not only healthier, but also safely spend the holidays. Therefore, camp workers should be well aware of the condition of the student. To do this, you need to send it to a neurologist, dentist, dermatologist and surgeon. Also, urine and blood are given for testing.

Only one trimester document is valid. Therefore, if you have planned several camps for the child, then in each of the cases a new certificate is issued. At the same time passes the same thorough inspection.

It is important to keep track of the date of issue of the certificate, because it may be that its validity period expires at a time when the children are still resting in the camp.

Help should get every child. Responsible attitude to its design will help protect children, both their own and others, from infectious diseases. After all, all parents worry about the health of their children, their life is very valuable.

31 May 2019, 00:05