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Massagers for feet and feet which one to choose

Massage is a unique remedy for many diseases and ailments. The fact that massage is useful for medical purposes and for the prevention of diseases has long and long been used as an effective method of strengthening the body, raising the immunity and other.
A proper massage can be made by a specialist with appropriate qualifications, practice and work experience.
Different massagers come up for daily help and support for massaging problem areas in a patient. They are both manual and mechanical and electric. If desired, you can find a massager for any part of the body in the shops of medical equipment.
Massagers for feet and feet
Now such massagers are gaining popularity among both elderly people and young people. Sedentary, high heel causes of edema in young people. In older people, the veins work worse, the muscle tone is lowered, which also affects puffiness, lymphatic drainage and other causes of discomfort and fatigue in the legs.
The foot massager will help with these problems. And daily foot massage sessions can even solve such health problems as puffiness, pain and difficulty in the legs, they will relieve fatigue and tension, help restore muscle tone, while improving tissue nutrition with oxygen.
Also, under the influence of a massager on the feet, activates a set of physiological points on the feet, which are responsible for improving the overall immunity of the body, disappearing insomnia.

In order to properly choose a foot massager you need to decide on the therapeutic effect that you want to achieve.
Which foot massager is better to buy:
Determine the desired result
Check out the information when the massage is contraindicated: for example, people with diabetes do not recommend suppressing effects, if there is a tumor, then it is impossible to warm the area of ​​influence.
Explore the impact of the device you are going to buy and what impact it has.
Roller massager
Effects directly on the foot. This effect relieves fatigue, special massage discs activate all reflex zones in the footsteps. The procedure is pleasant and in addition to a positive effect on the feet relieves nerve tension, positively affects the internal organs.
Infra-red massager for feet and feet.
This foot massager deepens the limbs so blood flow improves. Also, in such massages you can choose varieties of massage movements.
Pneumatic massager.
This foot massager slowly and steadily compresses and weakens the limb with pillows that are swollen and blown away. This type of massage is good for the lymph drainage effect.
Vibromassage technique was one of the first to work with all massagers. Vibration easily and quickly removes the clips of the legs.
Point Massage.
The most accurate and very effective massage, as evidenced by the multitude of user reviews. Such massage allows you to process even small cramps of the muscles and affects the body positively. The best way to do this massage is by a massage therapist. But there are also massages for the stop with the possibility of narrowly zonal press.
Pneumorocidal massager
The newest model. This masseur affects double. It moves the rollers, massages the foot, and in parallel, the pneumatic pillows act gently compressing and weakening on the feet and eggs.

15 July 2019, 00:07