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Manufacturing laboratory cabinets for your sizes

Lab cabinet is an integral part of any medical institution namely laboratory. The laboratory cabinets are designed for storage of chemicals, laboratory glassware, bottles, and other special accessories. Depending on the laboratories that are engaged in the study of various biomaterials, cabinets should be different.


Cabinets  which we produce for you under the order will look modern, are ergonomic, reliable and functional. The material from which we produce of their - chipboard, fiberboard. It specifies color, as well as dimensions.


For example the laboratory cabinet for the histological blocks. Here, an important characteristic is that many of these blocks must fit in one box, and calculates the total number of blocks that the cabinet must accommodate. May depend on the height and width of the laboratory cabinet.


Or, for example, laboratory cabinets for histological preparations, which can accommodate 70,000 slides for the microscope.


Each laboratory should separate the laboratory cabinet for drying the same slides.


The laboratory cabinet for microscopic slides


Depending on what is stored in the cabinet will vary the size of boxes. For example, if the laboratory is going there to keep the tubes of each height will be more than the boxes that hold the reagents, it's completely different capacity.

It is also possible to make a combined cabinet, in different parts of which will be stored different materials.


In order to enjoy high-quality and ergonomic a laboratory cabinet, specify the necessary sizes. After that, our masters will contact with you and clarify all the details. Or call directly by phone: +38 095 133 35 54, +38 067 715 67 52 Company MEGA SPECTR, Lutsk, Ukraine.

13 January 2017, 00:01