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How to measure oxygen in the blood

As you know, the saturation of our body with oxygen is an important component of life and the health of the body. Our body receives oxygen in the blood - to saturate organs, takanis, cells with oxygen, hemoglobin is the element in the blood that binds to oxygen.

In the modern world, the level of saturation is measured. Saturation is the saturation of capillary blood with oxygen. Measure it with pulse oximeters. Pulse oximeters are small medical devices that are worn on the finger and display the measurement results, namely, the pulse and the level of saturation. According to the data, scientists proved that the normal level of saturation in the body is 96% -98%.

In addition to monitoring the maintenance of a healthy state of the body, pulse oximeters are often used in medicine. For example, monitoring the level of oxygen in people who have had a heart attack, and after other complications in which a person will need to be given an oxygen mask if necessary.

What is oxygen in the blood for?

According to research by scientists in England in the field of sports medicine. Proper breathing while moving (running) is the key to running a marathon. The more correctly they breathed evenly, correctly, and respectively saturated their body with oxygen, the less fatigue they had in their legs and they ran the distance.
With a lack of oxygen, muscle weakens in people, dizziness and headache, fatigue, rapid aging of the body appear.

How to increase the level of saturation in the body

It is proved that in one training hour a person receives a sufficient dose of oxygen. Training and running, especially in the fresh air, is a great way to saturate yourself with oxygen.
Oxygen inhalation. They are prescribed for people with asthma, bronchitis, with heart problems, obesity, when people often fainting.
Oxygen cocktails. When oxygen is introduced into the mixture of herbal decoction and juice, they can be found in sanatoriums, fitness clubs, and less often in clinics. Such a cocktail perfectly affects the work of the gastrointestinal tract.

What to do to people who cannot move

In this case, two methods can be recommended: it is more to be in the air. To do this, it is desirable that the person had a comfortable wheelchair and one that you can drive to the street on your own. Now many wheelchairs have been invented such as mechanical, recreational, electric, lever. Fresh air is the best remedy.

We can also recommend healing breathing

It is advisable to breathe fresh air, so you need to either open the window, or go out into the street, preferably in the park, or at least farther from the road and exhaust gases.
Exercise: a short breath through the nose (about 2 seconds) and a prolonged exhalation with the mouth of the lip, it is desirable to make a tube (about 8 seconds);

Measuring the level of oxygen in the blood is important in this case, since it is also important for people with disabilities in movement to saturate the blood with oxygen, and monitor the level of saturation.

04 October 2019, 00:10