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How to live comfortably

Many of us at some point in our lives interfere with pain. The pains associated with our life, namely, from an uncomfortable sitting position - back pain, from an uncomfortable pillow or bed, pain in the neck and head, respectively, and back pain. From a long standing position, for example at work, legs may hurt, veins, loams may suffer. Our body is constantly in interaction with the environment. A change of position for the body is the best so that all the muscles and tendons are flexed, blood is sent through the body and all organs, and it is saturated with oxygen. But due to the specifics of each person’s activities, a frequent change of position is impossible - this is the situation that causes various disturbances in the functioning of the body. Of course, a way out of the situation is playing sports, which will help the body keep itself in good shape and tone longer. But if a certain deviation has already occurred, and even pains are felt, it is necessary to take actions to correct this condition.
If the legs get tired by the end of the day and swell, these are the first signs of varicose veins. In the future, this disease will be characterized by the appearance on the legs of bursting vessels, a bluish net. That is, the veins stop working normally. This is bad because some body tissues stop receiving oxygen. Moreover, veins raise blood from the bottom of the body to the top back to the heart. Often, swelling in the legs occurs in pregnant women. For all such cases, or if you find that your legs swell, you need to fight this. One of the effective methods of prevention is compression knitwear. Compression golfs, stockings, exercise pressure on the leg at different points in different ways, from the bottom stronger, from the top - weaker. What helps blood to pump. Such knitwear has three levels of density, which can confuse you during the selection. Therefore, before buying such a prophylactic, such as compression hosiery, it is better to consult a doctor.
The correct position of the body during sleep. As you know, we sleep 7-8 hours. And you must admit, this is a rather large passage of time. Therefore, the correct position of the body during sleep can also have a positive effect on our health. To do this, sleep on a comfortable pillow and on a comfortable mattress.
If you often have a headache, but there are no obvious diseases or reasons for this, pay attention to whether your neck hurts too? Maybe it's time to change the pillow. Orthopedic pillows are designed so that the head would lie in an anatomical position and blood flow would not be disturbed. Agree a clear head in the morning is the best way to have a good day.
If you have an uncomfortable ridge position at work, it is very important to align and bring it back to normal at night. For this, in our time there is a wide selection of orthopedic mattresses. But what to do for those who, due to their illness, have little movement and lying position, for him is one of the prevailing ways of life. In such cases, it is necessary that the person is on an anti-decubitus mattress. Such mattresses are special in their shape, they seem to consist of many truncated pyramids. Their feature is that they do not allow parts of the body to numb.
To summarize: a lot has been invented for a comfortable life, and it is better to use such means for prevention than to treat the disease later.

02 February 2019, 00:02