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How to choose a dental clinic in Kiev?

Every person knows the expression: "A smile prolongs life." But sometimes people are embarrassed to smile: unfortunately, not everyone can boast of healthy teeth. But keeping them in excellent condition and acquiring a beautiful smile is not so difficult - it is enough to visit the dentist regularly.

It takes time to find a good dental clinic in Kiev with affordable prices. But the residents of the Ukrainian capital were lucky in this regard. In the Pechersky district of Kiev opened the New Smile Center. It employs people with golden hands - experienced doctors, real professionals.

History and benefits of the clinic
The center is headed by Ukrainian dentist Andrey Peshko. The doctor began his career in 2003, when he worked in a regular dental office. Patients appreciated the high quality of services and the attentive attitude of the doctor, and he quickly became widely known.

Currently, New Smile is an advanced medical center equipped with modern equipment. Various types of dental and oral care services are provided here, and the technologies used comply with international standards. Turning to the clinic, people are convinced that dentistry can be safe and painless.

Features of New Smile
The priority area of ​​the clinic in Pechersk is aesthetic and pediatric dentistry. In just a few days, they will help get rid of cracks and bumps, hide stains and chips on the teeth and make the smile perfect.

Other services of the center are in great demand among customers:

Diagnosis and therapeutic treatment.
Prosthetics and dental implants.
Occupational health and prevention of diseases of the oral cavity.
Every New Smile patient, whether an office worker, a salesperson or a director of a large company, receives maximum attention from specialists. Andrei Peshko requires his staff to treat taking into account the opinions and wishes of clients.

The result is obvious: people know the clinic, are satisfied with the quality of services and calmly trust their health to its doctors. This also applies to young patients who treat their teeth in New Smile without fear.

According to Dr. Peshko, for his considerable work experience, he saved thousands of people from pain and aesthetic defects of teeth. As for the concept of work, it is aimed at comprehensive customer service. After all, the dentition is a complex organism in which everything is interconnected.

If earlier the beauty of teeth was exclusively a natural gift, now a dazzling smile is available to anyone. Performing tooth restoration, correcting malocclusion and other problems will certainly help in the clinic 

12 June 2019, 00:06