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How to bring down the heat in a child

How to bring down the temperature if you have a sick child. You can not decide on the selection of the drug or want to try the methods of traditional medicine?
A large number of types of antipyretic drugs for children, different manufacturers and domestic and imported, expensive and not very online pharmacies with low prices. In some online pharmacies, low prices are due to the lack of offline sales outlets, which means the lack of expenses for renting premises, wages to pharmacists, etc.
We will analyze with you all kinds of antipyretic drugs for children. What antipyretic drugs recommend pediatricians. And based on this article, you can draw conclusions for yourself and decide which drugs will help your child.

Suspensions are convenient for use by children from 3 months. They are pleasant to taste, you can choose the taste itself, which will be more pleasant for the child. The suspension is given with a dosed measuring cup or from a syringe attached to it in a box. The most famous brand and commonly used and prescribed by pediatricians is the ibuprofen range of drugs called Nurofen. Shoots down the temperature after 30 minutes, he is the most famous among mothers. Nurofen is still a painkiller, it will help when your child gets teeth. Ibuprofen is also widely known and prescribed by pediatricians.
Tablets - they are prescribed to children from 3 years of age, they drink easily with drinking water. Bring down the temperature after 30 minutes. Stamps of the drug are all the same as that of suspensions of paracetomol and ibuprofen series.
Rectal suppositories are prescribed from the 1st day of life. Bring down the temperature in 45-50 minutes. Viburkola (homeopathic medicine), Cificon (based on paracetamol), Nurofen (based on ibuprofen). If a child has loose stools, then the drug will not be absorbed in the body.

Traditional medicine is the kind that was used by our grandmothers. It will only help not much to bring down the temperature or prevent it from rising. But if you do not have drugs on hand, you can try this kind before the arrival of the doctor or the ambulance. You can wipe the feet of the child with alcohol, put a damp cloth on your forehead, and give to drink more water.

So what kind of drug is right for your child? Let's look at their pros and cons.

Pros - easy to use, tasty, can be used from 3 months. Quickly churn the temperature.
Cons - does not apply with vomiting.
Pluses - convenient for children to use from 3 years.
Cons - do not apply to children of earlier age.
Rectal candles
Pros - reception from birth, the effect after 44-50 minutes, easy to enter, convenient to use when the child is sleeping. Does not pass through the esophagus, no dyes.
Cons - not applicable with liquid stools.
What kind of drug to choose?
If your newborn child is sick, then of course candles will be convenient for you, after 3 months it will be more convenient to use suspensions, in children by this moment the reflex of swallowing begins, and tablets will certainly be more convenient for children of older age or adults.
Traditional medicine will only help you briefly only to maintain the body. It’s best to always contact a pediatrician or an ambulance. Before using any drug, consult your doctor.

Now you have an idea about the types of antipyretic drugs, what drug at what age is and will be convenient for you and your child.
And better let our children not get sick!

15 June 2019, 00:06