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Disinfectant wipes for surfaces

In this article, we will figure out how to use disinfectants and disinfectant wipes from the Detrox manufacturer.
Disinfectants that are convenient and not difficult to use can become an effective method of disinfection, if you know how to handle them, they can become, in a pandemic, one of the most important means for disinfecting surfaces, hands, medical instruments.
Consider the common disinfection oversights:

  • Assume that all disinfectants are the same;
  • Use disinfectants without reading the label instructions;
  • Application of the missing dosage of the product or just one napkin for disinfection of large areas;
  • Do not wait until the disinfectant is completely dry from the surface, or wipe it off with a towel after disinfection.
  • All disinfectants are not the same

All products work in different ways because they are intended for different purposes, for disinfection of different materials, and, accordingly, with different active substances. Based on this, it is important to understand for what purpose you buy disinfectant wipes and how to use them correctly, because using wipes in the wrong inappropriate way, you are wasting time and money.

How to use disinfectant wipes
Read the label on the disinfectant wipes and follow the directions for use. The time it takes for a disinfectant to kill viruses, bacteria, and fungi depends on the type of disinfectant used to make the wipes.
Remove dirt and grease from the surface before using disinfectant wipes
The first step is to clean the surface with an all-purpose cleaner, or warm water and a microfiber cloth. The microfiber treatment will help remove all kinds of dried particles and dirt. Remember wipes sanitizer does not remove stubborn stains.
Check for which surfaces the product is intended
While most wipes can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces like glass, plastic, metal, they will not work properly and useless on porous wood or cardboard.
Check the moisture level on the napkin
There must be enough disinfectant on the napkin for it to work properly. Or it is a microfiber napkin with an applied amount of a product, for exampleDETRO SAN HP SPRAY, or if these are ready-made DETRO SAN HP WIPES or AKASPRAY TUCHER napkins, they should not be dry to the touch in order to ensure disinfection.
Surface treatment rules
When wiping the surface, try to process it completely without leaving untreated areas. It is desirable that the surface is noticeably moistened with a disinfectant. If the area you are disinfecting is large enough, use not one but several ready-made wipes.
Let the disinfectant run
If you use disinfectant wipes, the hard surface must remain damp for at least 4 minutes. to destroy all bacteria and viruses.
The surface must air dry
Drying time depends on room temperature and humidity. Allow surfaces to air dry naturally. Do not wipe off the disinfectant with a towel or other dry cloth!
Dispose of disinfectant wipes correctly!
Disinfectant wipes that are prepared should not be disposed of in the toilet because they can clog pipes and septic systems.
After using disinfectant wipes
The manufacturer recommends using the products only with protective rubber gloves. However, after use, wash your hands with soap and warm water after using any cleaning product.
According to the WHO, systematic cleaning and disinfection of surfaces during a virus outbreak is of great importance in preventing the spread of any viral disease. While disinfectant wipes are convenient, they are not cost effective in all cases.
Therefore, we recommend that before buying any surface disinfectant, read their purpose in the product descriptions on our Detrox Surface Disinfection page. Each product has a different composition and key properties.
We also recommend the following disinfectants for hands and surfaces from the Detrox manufacturer:





17 January 2022, 00:01