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Diagnosis and repair of hearing aids

Diagnostics and repairs of hearing aids

Dear Clients, we are glad to inform You that the company «Mega-Spectr» Ltd provides services dealing with diagnostics and repairs of hearing aids of any brand and manufacturer.


We will fix Your hearing aid and bring a proper acoustic perception back into Your life.

Our specialists will perform high quality and timely diagnostics of a device, namely:

  • performance check;
  • disassembling;
  • identification of a failure cause.

Specialists of the company «Mega-Spectr» Ltd will gladly perform the following operations aimed at rectifying the faults:

  • receiver replacement;
  • volume control replacement;
  • switch replacement;
  • pin repair;
  • trimmer repair;
  • acoustic duct replacement;
  • replacement of a receiver damper;
  • earbud repair;
  • amplifier repair;
  • replacement or repair of a hearing aid body;
  • hearing aid cleaning;
  • repair of battery compartment pins.

And, what’s the most important, they will make individual adjustments for a hearing aid. As it is well known the quality of hear aiding depends, in particular, on the operating condition of a hearing aid.


The repair of up-to-date digital and analogous hearing aids is an elaborate process because internal details of these devices are very small, and components of hearing aids for children are even smaller. That is why hearing aid repairs should be entrusted only to experienced professionals.


You may request repair services calling by phone numbers: +38 095 133 35 54, +38 067 715 67 52 or sending a message at e-mail address:


The price for preventive and repair services will be determined by a Service Center specialist after inspection and diagnostics of a hearing aid.


Repair of other medical equipment.


Bring your devices at the following address: «Mega-Spectr» Ltd, G.Artyomoskiy street 15, 43007, Lutsk, Volyn’ province, Ukraine. 

27 July 2016, 00:07