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Diabetes mellitus: types, symptoms and prevention

Diabetes is a predominantly chronic disease that has become increasingly diagnosed in humans over the past decades.
What is diabetes
Diabetes is a malfunction of the pancreas when it does not produce enough hormone insulin, which is responsible for controlling blood sugar levels. Due to the lack of insulin, sugar levels begin to rise significantly.
Elevated sugar levels in the body entail body systems - circulatory, nervous, etc.
Everyone wonders where this disease comes from.

What causes diabetes
The main factors in the development of diabetes mellitus:
• viral diseases that caused a complication of the pancreas;
• stress transfer;
•    overweight;
• obesity;
• lack of physical activity.

Disease statistics
According to the World Health Organization, the problem of diabetes is growing every year. The lack of treatment for the disease leads to death.

How to protect yourself from the disease, how to find out if there is diabetes, if you have the following symptoms, then you should be examined.
Symptoms of Diabetes
• constant thirst;
• a constant feeling of hunger during the day;
• frequent urination;
•    fast fatiguability;
• weight loss for no apparent reason;
• drop in level of vision.

If a person already has diabetes, then the following concomitant diseases may occur:
• the appearance of ulcers on the legs;
• severe loss of vision;
• renal failure.
It all depends on how long the body has been affected by diabetes, to be exact what type of disease.
Types of diabetes
Diabetes can be of two types:
• I - insulin-dependent - when the body does not produce enough insulin; (when a person can only survive if he injects insulin)
• II - insulin-independent - when the body inefficiently uses the produced insulin; (when a person can support life with pills and diet, insulin injections are not needed yet)

How to keep the body in good condition with the second type of diabetes?
Since this type of diabetes appears in a person due to a lifestyle, it is possible to maintain the body only with the help of a proper lifestyle and nutrition. Diet, activity, lack of excess weight, lack of bad habits.

Diet for diabetes
Diet for diabetics involves:
• reduce the consumption of sweets, and the replacement of harmful sweets with healthy ones.
• refusal of alcohol;
• inclusion of fiber-rich foods in the diet;
• Exclusion from the diet of foods and dishes with a high salt content and hot sauces.

Nevertheless, diabetes can not do without the medical support prescribed by the attending physician.

How to identify and treat a disease?
It follows the state of your body and whether you have the symptoms that we wrote above. If in doubt, you need to go to the laboratory and get a blood test, or ask friends and use a glucometer, because he has one-time test strips. But laboratory analysis is certainly more accurate. It is worth remembering that each meter has its own error and all of them may differ in results.
If a disease is detected, in addition to diet and a mobile lifestyle, the doctor will recommend medications.
To monitor the reaction of the body to certain products, in order to understand what state is for you, a glucometer is needed to signal an increase in blood sugar. Daily measurement of the indicator will help you maintain the indicator at the appropriate level.

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