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light-cured composite for restoration

We all go to the dentists. And this medicine does not stand still. The range of treatment of patients to the dentist is wide, from pain relief to aesthetic issues. Today we want to tell you about the material that shyroko enters into dentistry as a restoration material. Composite material to perform a wide range of dental restorations, cured under the influence of a photopolymer lamp. Provides high esthetics of restoration. The restored tooth looks completely natural and has high strength. The material can be applied in the framework of multi-layer and single-layer techniques.
Gradia Direct has a hybrid formula. It has the effect of "chameleon", thanks to which it adapts to the natural color of the tooth, which eliminates the appearance of a transition between the filling and natural tissue. Long keeps shine.
Gradia Dyract and other composites can be purchased here, in the Stomatkom online store. The company offers a wide range of dental materials, instruments, equipment and aids from the best manufacturers.
Features and benefits
Consider the features of the composite for stomalotogy:

Microfilny hybrid formula.
Available in a variety of shades, which ensures perfect aesthetics of the restoration.
Possesses the optimum viscosity providing convenience of introduction and modeling.
Suitable for all types of restorations and clinical cases.
It is resistant to the effects of external lighting, thanks to which the permissible operating time is noticeably extended.
Completion polishing after curing under the influence of a photopolymer lamp. For curing, you can use quartz-halogen, LED and plasma photopolymerization.
Compressive strength, but low elasticity, thereby eliminating the formation of cracks and chips during operation.
Maintains high occlusal loads.
It has a high radiopacity, which allows for further research of the tooth.

Gradia Direct for the front teeth (Anterior version) has the following properties:

Perfect match in color. The material adapts to the natural shade of dental tissue.
A wide selection of colors, including bleached shades.
Smooth and shiny surface, easy polishing.

Gradia Dyract for sealing posterior teeth (Posterior version) has the following characteristics:

High mechanical properties.
The perfect aesthetic restoration.
Increased compressive strength, eliminating the likelihood of cracks and chips as a result of high load on the restoration.
High resistance to wear, optimal rigidity with respect to intact antagonist teeth.

The manufacturer offers standard, external special and internal special shades. This allows you to use the material in any clinical case, providing the perfect aesthetics of the restoration. The composite includes a special nanofiller containing fluoride, which ensures high efficiency and reliability of the restoration.

13 February 2018, 00:02