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Ceramic braces or metal

You have noticed how people with a beautiful smile feel more confident and more relaxed in company. They are not shy about smiling and laughing out loud. Yes, definitely beautiful straight teeth give a person confidence. Remember how during a normal conversation we pay attention to a person’s face, all the little things, and if something is wrong we notice it. And even more so if it is uneven teeth. Smooth teeth, proper bite, and affects the articulation and clarity of speech. Therefore, the alignment of teeth sometimes, in addition to the desire for aesthetic beauty, is often combined with physiological needs.
According to statistics, about 70% of people have malocclusion, crooked teeth and other shortcomings. For those who are confused by the appearance of braces on their teeth, and who associate this look with the image of a botanist, dentists have found an effective look - these are ceramic braces - which are less noticeable on the teeth.
But still, if you decide to put braces, then you need to know some of the features of metal and ceramic, as well as consult a dentist who will tell you everything depending on the individual characteristics of the patient’s oral cavity.
From an aesthetic point of view, ceramic braces are better, since their color matches the color of enamel, so an adult will not be psychologically uncomfortable to dress them. For children, there are even colored braces, or for individuals who want to stand out from the crowd.

Metal and ceramic bracket systems have their pros and cons. Consider them:

Benefits of Ceramic Braces

  • Almost invisible on the teeth. Locks are matched to the color of tooth enamel and the arc can be painted instead of the usual metallic color.
  • You can install ceramic bracket systems from 11 years old.
  • As with metal ones, the first few days after installation it is possible to experience some discomfort, but over time it disappears.
  • Daily dental care as usual.


  • Ceramic locks have the feature of darkening from coffee, black tea, tobacco, wine, berries.
  • Around the brackets, plaque accumulates, you need to take care of them more carefully. And more often visit the dentist for professional cleaning.
  • Ceramic braces need to be worn longer than metal braces.
  • The cost of ceramic braces is higher than metal. But for the sake of beauty, nothing is sorry.

Since metal braces are made entirely of a special metal alloy, they are subject to a greater oxidizing effect of saliva and food. In this case, ceramic braces are better, since ceramics are not oxidizable. And a metal wire coated with a special protective masking substance, so even the saliva enzyme will not oxidize them.

Metal braces:

  • Align teeth faster
  • Cheaper option.


  • Visible to others.
  • Lips may scratch at first.
  • Do not bite solid food, but cut into pieces.

02 September 2018, 00:09