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Back pain between the shoulder blades - what to do?

If something hurts in the body, it means that something has failed. You need to immediately deal with the causes and eliminate them. Back pain between the shoulder blades can be at any age, it all depends on the way of life, attitude towards your body, heredity and experienced diseases.

The pain in the back between the shoulder blades is not a disease, it is a symptom. The localization of pain in this place, which is also repeated and long, means that you need to pay attention to the following reasons:

Causes of back pain between the shoulder blades:


1. Weak muscle corset. When the muscles become weak, they cease to bear the load they should, they simply can not withstand it. And therefore, the skeleton in this case takes the whole burden - the spine. Accordingly, due to overload, the articular-ligamentous apparatus suffers, intervertebral discs can clamp and squeeze the nerve endings that are associated with them, which causes pain. Weakening of the muscles leads to the fact that a person is slouching, which is not a natural position for the spine, and with prolonged such a position, the development of scoliosis can begin. Such conditions should be avoided, because the pain only intensifies.

2. The second reason is incorrect physical activity, once it may be enough that the unevenly distributed load leads to pinching between the vertebrae of the nerves.


Here, in addition to the bolt, symptoms may include overstrain and numbness in the muscles.
Also, intensification of pain during bends, turns, weight lifting, hypothermia.
Pain can be felt even during coughing, sneezing, and increased breathing.


How to prevent the occurrence of such diseases

Doing sports. A low-active lifestyle, lack of load on the muscles in the back, and generally load on all muscle groups. If you still do not feel sharp pains, then of course you can go in for sports (fitness, swimming, gym). But when there are already pains, you need to carefully exercise, namely Pilates, or special exercises, without strong overloads.


Treatment of pain between the shoulder blades


Incorrect permanent position of the back, namely stoop, can be corrected both by playing sports and to constantly maintain a flat back wearing a bandage to correct posture. Such a bandage can be of different rigidity, so you need to seriously approach the choice and consult a doctor. And start wearing from 15-30 minutes a day.


Physiotherapeutic procedures are only those that the doctor will prescribe.

Manual massage is one of the best methods, because a massage therapist will see progress and understand which massage is best.

The use of the Lyapko applicator, the height of the needles and their density are also selected individually.


The combination of different techniques will help to achieve a result.


All methods of treating back pain between the shoulder blades:


1. Drug therapy.
2. A balanced therapeutic diet.
3. Therapeutic gymnastics (LFK).
4. Manual therapy.
5. Hydromassage.
6. Reflexotherapy.
7. Treatment based on stretching the spine.
8. Laser therapy and ultrasound.
9. Electrical, magnetic vibration stimulation.
10. Vacuum therapy.


Also pay attention to the influence on the results of treatment of factors such as:


  • Heel height;
  • Hardness of the mattress;
  • Ergonomic workplace;
  • Take vitamins, or proper nutrition.


Also, pain between the shoulder blades can be the news of other diseases:
Gastric ulcer - pain is felt more under the left shoulder blade.
The pain is not constant;
Worsens after eating;
The pain weakens after vomiting.


Psychological problems, pain under the left shoulder blade manifests itself in different ways:
Feeling of compression;
Heat in the chest as optional;
It can touch the neck, back, arm;
Sensation of pouring boiling water over the heart;
Feeling of fear;
Lack of air;
Lump in the throat.


Heart attack sensation under the left shoulder blade:
Eversion pain;
Gives in a hand, neck, collarbone;
Validol and nitroglycerin do not take away the sensation;
Arose after emotional experiences or physical exertion.


Hepatic or biliary colic - under the right shoulder blade:
Very intense sensations;
The entire right side of the back may hurt;
Amplification at night and in the morning;
Nervous excitement;
May be accompanied by nausea and vomiting.


Let's consider the causes of back pain between the shoulder blades:


  • Weak muscle corset
  • Pinched between the vertebrae of the nerves
  • Scoliosis
  • Stomach ulcer
  • Psychological problems
  • Heart attack
  • Hepatic or biliary colic


Therefore, for back pain between the shoulder blades, do not write off everything only on the back, pay attention to the symptoms and consult a doctor. Treat the causes and do not drink pain medication, it does not cure, that is, the disease itself remains.

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