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Automatic coagulometer and bath with transparent walls TPN comparison

An automatic coagulometer is a blood coagulation test that is fully automated.
It is used in the diagnosis of blood features such as homeostasis, which is necessary for the analysis of bleeding, thrombotic complications, thrombolysis and anticoagulant therapy.
The second device that is used in laboratory blood tests is a thermostat (bath) TPS with transparent walls is necessary for enzymatic reactions and determination of blood coagulation factors.
What is the difference between these two devices
Compare automatic coagulometer and TPS thermostat
The coagulometer provides functions for automatic dilution, calibration and automatic screening analysis, and the ability to save the calibration curve is included.
Thanks to the mini computer built-in coagulometer, it saves a large amount of data - the results of the analysis, in some models up to 10,000 characteristic coagulation curves can be stored.
The process of the experiment - the laboratory assistant should only be able to conduct a dialogue with the device. Namely, the display shows the sequence of actions. Tips such as “insert a cuvette”, “add serum”, “add reagent”, etc.
The device can immediately output the result to the printer.
Processing of samples by distribution of samples and reagents occurs automatically.
The coagulometer makes an independent determination of the liquid level, which provides for the formation of equipment proposals to the laboratory assistant and the inclusion of the appropriate mode with the addition of reagents or samples.

Thermostat TPS or “bath with transparent walls”
To conduct a blood coagulation study, the constant presence of a laboratory assistant for observation is necessary.
The working chamber is a transparent bath that allows you to observe the processes taking place in test tubes without removing them from the liquid.
In the bath with transparent walls there is liquid - distilled water. The thermostat maintains a constant temperature in the environment.
Only temperature and timer are displayed. At the end of time, the timer turns off the device.
The tubes are immersed on the grill inside the thermostat.
Transparent walls for the laboratory assistant to observe the processes of chemical reactions.

Prices: automatic coagulometer - 45000 - 100000 UAH., Bath with transparent walls TPN - 18000 - 25000 UAH.

19 September 2019, 00:09