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Hand antiseptics: how to choose?

In the context of active control of viruses that are ubiquitous in the environment, it is worth remembering that clean hands are the key to health.

The ease of use of the hand antiseptic has made it popular. Various forms of release allowed to place hand antiseptics both on stationary places (racks, supports, tables), and hand antiseptics became mobile thanks to small forms of release of 100 ml which are convenient to carry in a handbag, to carry with itself in the car, in general to use anywhere.

How to choose an antiseptic:

  • It is necessary to read the composition.
  • Get acquainted with the description of the spectrum of effects on microbes. Different antiseptics reduce different groups of microbes.
  • It is important to use the hand antiseptic correctly, because the exposure time is an important factor for the correct action of the antiseptic.
  • An effective hand antiseptic should contain at least 60-80% isopropyl or ethyl alcohol.

The instructions for use should pay attention to the time of exposure and the amount of disinfectant needed for a single treatment of hands. Antiseptic treatment for hands includes meticulous treatment of the skin between the fingers, fingertips. It is necessary to rub disinfectant before complete drying, but not less than 30 seconds. The instructions for some skin antiseptics for hands contain recommendations to perform this procedure several times and for at least 2 minutes to kill all viruses. It all depends on the conditions of application and the tasks that are set.

So the company MEGA-SPECTRUM offers antiseptics for hands of the Turkish manufacturer Detrox (Detrox) which are researched and have structure one of the most innovative:

You can also buy the following Detrox products from MEGA-SPECTRUM:

  • Antiseptics for surfaces;
  • Antiseptics for medical instruments.

Call and our managers will always help with the choice.

19 January 2022, 00:01