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A new treatment regimen for viral hepatitis C has been developed

Scientists were able to develop a completely new method of therapy that can defeat the incurable disease - hepatitis C. This is really good news, especially considering that the recently developed drug Ledifos from India in Ukraine is also already available for orders. This article describes in more detail the study of scientists who discovered a completely new treatment technique.

What is the latest method?
Thanks to clinical trials, it was possible to establish that in the vast majority of patients cure occurred after six weeks of treatment. Previously, positive shifts were at best observed only after 12 weeks of intensive care.
The course itself consists in using only two drugs. The studies were conducted by the National Institute of Health, and their results could be read in the reputable journal The Lancet.
For the purity of the experiment, hepatitis C patients were divided into three groups. The main condition was the lack of treatment carried out earlier. The control group received two drugs as the main treatment method - Sofosbuvir and the previously mentioned Ledifos. The results exceeded all expectations - all 20 patients felt improvement, and the test results confirmed persistent virological remission.

Results from two other groups
Moreover, in two other groups, treatment was carried out by the traditional method or by the previously mentioned tablets with the addition of other experimental drugs. In this case, traditional therapy was not so effective and did not fully meet the goals set by scientists.
In the group where the aforementioned drugs were used with the addition of an experimental drug, codenamed GS-9451, one in 20 patients completely recovered from the infection after 4 weeks of the 6 weeks prescribed for treatment of the full course. At the same time, relapses were also observed, which showed the need for improvements in the composition of the drug.

In accordance with the results obtained, the authors of the study came to the conclusion that the new treatment methodology, which includes Sofosbuvir and Ledifos, fully paid off. The course of therapy is significantly reduced, and the effectiveness is very high. Given the prevalence of hepatitis C, this is very good news, giving many people a chance to live a healthy, fulfilling life.

15 August 2018, 00:08