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Posturecorrector for scoliosis and kyphosis

In this article, we consider the types of spinal curvature and how to cure them.
Scoliosis is a three-plane spinal deformity in a person. Curvature can be congenital, acquired and post-traumatic.
The reason for the occurrence of the disease in an initially healthy spine is a sedentary lifestyle, lack of physical exertion, poor posture, incorrect position of the workplace. Scoliosis can develop injuries of the lower extremities and pelvic bones, and direct spinal injuries.
Also, the development of pathology is possible from congenital spinal deformities, injuries received during childbirth. Diseases such as poliomyelitis, rickets, connective tissue diseases, metabolic disorders, cerebral palsy, osteoporosis, osteomyelitis.
Consider another pathology of the spine - kyphosis. Kyphosis is a curvature of the spinal column in the thoracic region. In the people etu pathology is called stoop. If you do not want to feel constant discomfort in the back area, then now you should think about how to treat a stoop.
The main cause of kyphosis is a sedentary lifestyle, not developed back muscles, lack of physical activity, which leads to negative adjustments to the structure of the musculoskeletal back frame.
How to treat spinal curvature
When the first signs of a rounded back, a feeling of back pain, or a discomfort state appear, you should contact your doctor. It is he who will conduct a qualitative diagnosis and explain how to correct a slouch at home. Timely diagnosis helps to quickly get rid of the disease.

Children and adolescents often have problems with posture due to the fact that the spine grows and develops.

Scoliosis and Kyphosis Therapy
The treatment of such spinal curvatures depends on the degree of their development. In the early stages of therapy is carried out using conservative methods of medicine. In a state of deep development of the disease, surgery can be applied.

In the case of pathologies in the children's and adolescent spine, it is important for parents to remember that correcting the stoop in an adolescent is extremely important because some other diseases are possible. Kyphosis and scoliosis can complicate problems with the respiratory, cardiovascular and digestive systems. A very dangerous consequence of the stoop is the displacement of the vertebrae, which can lead to damage to the structure of the spinal cord and the roots of the spinal nerves. Also, slouching leads to squeezing of the arteries that supply blood to the brain. Insufficient blood flow leads to frequent headaches, fatigue, impaired brain activity.
Conservative treatment
How can the stoop be corrected so as not to feel constant discomfort in the thoracic spine? Therapy for scoliosis and kyphosis in the early stages is conservative. All efforts are directed at correcting posture and strengthening the muscles of the back with the help of exercises. It must be remembered that the selection of a set of such exercises should be done by a doctor. It determines the amount of load on the muscles of the back, depending on the degree of development of the stoop. The main rule of physical therapy therapy is not to overload.
Do not forget the simple truth that the main enemy of spinal diseases is physical education. Regular physical activity significantly reduces the risk of diseases of the musculoskeletal system. Do not postpone playing sports or a simple walk for later, especially if you lead a sedentary lifestyle.
Posture Correctors
Often found the use of special products made from medical knitwear, for the correction of posture. Such corsets have a corrective effect on the thoracic, transverse, and other parts of the spine, each for a specific purpose, and there are those that correct the entire spine. Depending on the stage of development of the disease, the doctor will prescribe a posture corrector of soft, medium or hard fixation. Correctly selected posture corrector and the implementation of the recommendations of the attending physician will help in the near future to get rid of scoliosis and kyphosis. When choosing a posture corrector, it is important to pay attention to size, because this factor also affects the therapeutic effect.
One of the very effective methods to cure these pathologies is therapeutic massage. This procedure helps to strengthen the muscular frame of the back, improves the blood supply to this area and relieves fatigue and pain. As a result of several massage courses, you will feel that your back is straightened. Massage must be performed by a highly qualified specialist.

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