Lyapko CLAD Facial Roller M 3,5 Ag

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Product Code: Facial Roller M 3,5
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  • step needles - 3,5 mm
  • width - 40 mm
  • diameter 51 mm
  • number 272 needles
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CLAD Facial Roller M 3,5 Ag

It is recommended in cosmetology, it is very convenient for exact and reflex diagnostics. Gives the chance to spend influence on any areas of a body, but it is the most convenient to influence face zones for removal of pains and spasms, a zone parts of a head, a zone of small joints of finitenesses, brushes and stops.

"The needle rain" with facial roller will recover tired nervous system, will clean pressure from your muscles, will give healthy shade and will fresh a skin. Use the facial roller, facing to a mirror, - and you will by all means want to smile to yourselves. 
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Валик очень удобен и компактный,всегда нашу его на работу. И на обедах делаю разные процедурки с ним,очень расслабляет;)
5 ( 5 / 5 )
Мне етот валик порекомендовала знакомая, у нас похожые проблемы. Нашла на етом сайте, заказала, пришел, все целое, все иголочки на месте. Пользуюсь.
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