Lyapko CLAD Big Roller M 5,0 Ag

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Product Code: Big Roller M 5,0
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  • size - 111Xd61 mm
  • the number of needles - 570
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CLAD Big Roller M 5,0 Ag

Rollers are applicators for dynamic use. All parts of the body can be effected by them: back, chest, abdomen, extremities, zone of backsides. Using rollers the therapeutic effect can be reached quicker in comparison with the appliance of static applicators. The galvanic current occurs in skin, on tips of the needles and between needles. An assistant is necessary to process back and other hard-to-get-to areas of a body with a roller. It is recommended for application by the adults and children. Using the roller it is possible to render calming (sedative) or activate (toning) action. For achieving calming effect (for example, at pains in sacrolumbar areas or in lower extremities) a treatment session should last 10-15 minutes. A big body area should be effected at the same time. For achieving toning effect (for example, at myoparesis) a treatment session should last 5 – 7 minutes. Quick and strong excitation of skin must be achieved during the session. Needles of the roller are in contact with skin but they do not damage it. The method is effective and nonivasive, so it completely excludes an infection carry (virus hepatitis, AIDS). Reflex diagnostics of manifestating and deep-seated diseases can be run with the help of the mentioned type of rollers. The diagnostic method is based on the fact that there are certain projection zones of visceral organs on person's body. In case of disease different changes (hyperaesthesia, hyporaesthesia, fervescence, hypothermia, appearance of local edema) appear in correspondent organs.
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Наша знайома нам порадила цей сайт де вона придбала даний апллікатор. Ми зацікавилися. І ось після кількох днів (замовлення і пересилання) ми отримали. Чекаємо ефекта від лікування.
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