Biological microscopes series: KXD201; KXD202; KXD203; KXD204 "KOZO"

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Biological microscopes series 200 KXD "KOZO"

KXD200 Inverted Microscopy System provides versatility and high quality images for bright field and phase contrast observation. Ergonomically designed and Constructed with high quality component through the whole microscopes, KXD200 Inverted Microscope is the ideal instrument for micro tissue culture and other advanced applications, widely used in the field of Biology, Microbiology and Immunology Observation ------- Both finity and infinity optical system for Option. KOZO affordable price and simple operation guarantee the most competitive advantage in the Microscopy Market.
Specification KXD201 KXD202 KXD203 KXD204
Viewing Head Seidentopf Binocular Head.Inclined at 45° (50~75mm)    ●  
Seidentopf Trinocular Head.Inclined at 45° (50~75mm )    ●  
Eyepiece WF10X/20mm  ●    
Article Eyepiece 10X/0.1mm
Objective Finity Optical System
LWD Plan Achromatic Objectives 4X,10X, 20X, 40X
Infinity Optical System F=200mm
LWD Plan Achromatic Objectives 4X,10X, 20X, 40X
LWD Plan Phase Contrast Objectives 10X
LWD Plan Phase Contrast Objectives 20X
LWD Plan Phase Contrast Objectives 40X
Stage Double layers mechanical stage
Stage size: 242×172mm
Moving range: 75×50mm
Centering ring Stage: Φ110mm
Filters Blue, green, yellow and frosted glass
Annular Spot Center of Phase Contrast Annular Spot adjustable
Centering Telescope Centering telescope
Illumination Halogen Lamp 12V 30W, Adjustable Brightness
Condenser Condenser NA=0.3 (WD=75MM)
Fluorescence attachment-- B.G Wave band, 220V(110V)/100W Mercury lamp
Photography attachment-- Photograph connecting tube, adapter with MD or PK mount , 4X photograph eyepiece
KOZO DCM130 digital eyepiece
KOZO DCM300 digital eyepiece
Pack: 1 carton, G.W.:18KGS,Meas.81*31*47CM        
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