Winresp 3D NANO-PTFE Mask white

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Winresp 3D NANO-PTFE Mask white

Extremely Thin & Lightweight

3D Design & Upgrade Appearance!
A more comfortable and secure fit with soft face seal.
Ultra-thin & lightweight membrane mask with a thickness of 0.23mm.

Excellent Breathability

Breathe Easier!
Winresp patented microporous membranes allow greater airflow while maintaining the level of filtration you rely on.

High Efficiency Filtration

Physical Filtration by Nanofiber Membrane!
WINRESP NANO-PTFE masks provide effective, durable, reliable protection against viruses, bacteria, molds and fine particles without electrostatics discharge problem.

Reliable Protection

Soft, Hypoallergenic Material with Textured Faceseal!
Winresp membrane masks, which does not contain fluorescent agents, provide excellent wearer comfort and protection.

Innovative Patented Nanotechnology

Great Protection, Comfort and Breathability!
To break current masks using meltblown filter pattern, Winresp utilize patented PTFE nano membrane as filter material, which offers high-efficiency (over 95 % filter efficiency level) and better performance, effective against viruses, bacteria, allergens and particles.

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