Dezoderm colored

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  • pleasant to the skin;
  • without irritating skin components;
  • with soothing and moisturizing additives;
  • It contains a phenol, aldehyde and other.
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Dezoderm colored

Dezoderm dyed - ready for use alcoholic solution for disinfection of hands and body skin by spraying or wiping. Due to the current components suitable for problematic skin contains high-quality components, moisturizing the skin and protect its lipid layer. Compatible with all detergents contains no aldehydes, phenols, ammonium compounds.

Dezoderm dyed to disinfect the skin before surgical intervention (injection, puncture, biopsy), hygienic and surgical hand disinfection in medical and dental practices, hairdressers, massage and cosmetology rooms, etc.

Flash point: 23,0 ° C Dezoderm stained kept away from open flames. Keep away from sources of ignition. Avoid contact with mucous membranes or the eyes.
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