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Disinfectant of tools

Disinfectant of tools
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Famodez® Endo is a bezaldehyde concentrate (working solutions 0.25-3%) based on a special HR and biguanidine containing a corrosion inhibitor. Economical, highly effective, dissolves biological substances. Fixation of proteins is completely eliminated due to the lack of aldehydes in the formulation. Low concentrations of wor..
462,00 грн.
Famide® Forte is an economical, highly effective concentrate (working solutions 0.75-8%) based on aldehydes. Contains corrosion inhibitor. Has very good detergent properties (dissolves biological substances). Low concentrations of working solutions are used, which makes them completely safe for users...
330,00 грн.
Sano Borerbad - a combined disinfectant with excellent detergent properties is ready for use. It is intended for disinfection and cleaning of rotating dental instruments (burs, cutters), except for aluminum and its alloys, based on potassium hydroxide, special solvents and corrosive inhibitors. Compatible with most materials, ad..
170,00 грн.