VGA-200 Video Gastroscope

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  • Type: Electronic Gastroscope
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VGA-200 Video Gastroscope

Excellent Optical System
Super-high Resolution: with 440K pixels of Color Charge Coupled Device (CCD), makes you enjoy top class of image quality and reflects high-definitions and perfect color.
Both big and small images display, picture in picture feature makes observation easier. Completely Waterproof Design
EMV series can be immersed completely into detergent solution when cleaning and disinfection.
Convenient Leakage Tester can promptly confirm whether endoscopes damage to prevent from deep damage by water.

Innovated Control Body makes comfortable feelings and more flexible operation.
To release operator pressure by angle operation, traction chain structure, and flexible bending section.
The durability of whole equipment is improved by long life design of bending section.
It is becoming from soft to rigid from the distal end of insertion tube, which allows operator to insert while applied freely and minimizes patients’ pain.
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