Styling bag with a set for a family doctor

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Styling bag with a set for a family doctor

The set includes:
1. Dressing material and hemostatic products
bandage is sterile
7 * 14 2 pcs.
5 * 10 2 pcs.
adhesive plaster roll 1 * 5m 1 pcs.
adhesive plaster bactericide 1 pack.
first aid package is sterile with one pad 1pc.
napkins alcohol 10 pcs.
napkins gauze sterile 5 pcs.
cotton wool sterile 25g roller 1 pc.
cotton balls non-sterile (80 pcs.) 1 pack.
hemostatic tourniquet 1 pc.
elastic bandage 2 pcs.
needle atraumatic with thread sterile: 30 dir. 1 PC.
 30 kol. 1 PC.
needle holder general surgery 1 pc.
tweezers 1 pc.
spatula 1 pc.
scalpel 1 pc.
straight blunt scissors 1 pc.
3.Izdelia for infusions, injections
honey rubber tube №1 1м
system for infusion of solutions 4 pcs.
syringe disposable 2 ml 3 pcs.
 5 ml 3 pcs.
 10 ml 3 pcs.
 20 ml 3 pcs.
blood pressure meter with phonendoscope 1 pc.
medical thermometer in a case 1 pc.
neovologic hammer 1 pc.
otoscope KaWe model "Picolight" with fibrooptic 1 pc.
glucometer in a case 1 pc.
test strip to the glucometer (50 pcs.) 1 pack.
5.Other medical products
a glass for taking medication 1 pc.
sterile gloves 3 pairs
pipette 1 pcs.
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