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Famidez® AF New - ready-to-use agent based on isopropyl alcohol for effective and rapid disinfec..
38,00 грн.

LPM-MG 12 - 7 AH is used as an external battery in uninterruptible power supplies. The main charact..
443,00 грн.

The main characteristics of a multigel battery LPM-MG 12 - 200 AH: ● Battery type: multigel (AGM mu..
10694,00 грн.

Main technical characteristics of the LPM-MG 12 - 150 AH multigel battery:  Battery type:..
8297,00 грн.

The main characteristics of the multigel battery LPM-MG 12 - 120 AH:  Battery type: multi..
6822,00 грн.

Main technical characteristics of the LPM-MG 12 - 100 AH multigel battery: ● Battery type: multigel..
5531,00 грн.

The main characteristics of the multigel battery LPM-MG 12 - 80 AH: ● Battery type: multigel (AGM m..
4609,00 грн.

The main characteristics of the multigel battery LPM-MG 12 - 55 AH: ● Battery type: multigel (AGM m..
3283,00 грн.

The main characteristics of the multi-gel battery LP-MG 12 - 33 AH: ● Battery type: multigel (AGM m..
2213,00 грн.

The main characteristics of the LPM-MG 12 - 20 AH: • Battery type: AGM multigel • Rated ..
1400,00 грн.

Measuring range, mmol / l (mg / dl): 2.2 ~ 33.3 (40 ~ 600) Package: In the package: 50 pcs. Dimens..
260,00 грн.


Selection of professional medical equipment

The development of modern medical technology is advancing constantly. Very often we hear about new methods of treatment about the improving patient care processes, the equipment which quickly and safely appropriately with the patient. We notice improvements in health care as in the hospitals and clinics and private offices, which are increasingly opening professionals.

What medical equipment is suitable for your purposes - will prompt company specialists Mega Spektr. Looking for a years of experience in the market of medical equipment and making its maintenance and repair, believe me, we know the pros and cons of any medical equipment.

Manager of the company Mega Spektr will help in the selection, give advice on the operation and issue the order. Stocks make it possible to ensure prompt delivery of goods to you.

Communication repair and service of professional equipment

Professional service support is needed for any type of equipment. Company MEGA-SPECTR provides a service.

Not only in cases where  is required the setting, but even at the time of purchase. The professional team of MEGA- SPECTR will mount a installation, and provide recommendations regarding the optimal use of medical equipment for maximum efficiency and benefits for patients.

We only supply reliable and certified products comply with all the norms of current medical standards.

All equipment shall be warranted for one year. During these 12 months, we provide prompt, quality service. At the expiration of the warranty period for medical equipment, we are pleased to continue to provide technical support to customers of the company MEGA-SPECTR.

Cleaning equipment 

The purity of the deposit is not only a health and a positive impression of the place where the customer is located. Company MEGA- SPECTR sell all the equipment necessary for cleaning, from gloves and garbage cans for disposal of medical waste and facilities for cleaning and disinfection before cleaning trolleys. The correct cleaning - this is the norm in all public places such as hospitals, clinics, private offices, motels, camps, educational institutions, hotels, hostels, shopping centers, entertainment centers, supermarkets.
The company MEGA- SPECTR you can completely complement the truck for cleaning, or to purchase the missing piece of your set. Also, our managers will help to choose the means for cleansing and disinfection of the choice of which depends on many factors: the type of premises and surfaces, the nature of the bacteria, external factors and more.